Talking To Your Child

Most children with an SGO have experienced a difficult and challenging start in life, and as a Special Guardian it is important you are able to talk to your child appropriately. 

Reading stories that reflect aspects of childrens lives is an opportunity to encourage children to talk about their feelings. Natalie, a social worker at Enfield has created a list of books you can read with your child or resources that will help you parent a child who is struggling with their feelings and behaviour.

Alongside reading books, you are also encouraged to seek help as and when you need it from your borough support team.

Some suggested books for children when reflecting about their lives

Badgers Parting Gifts

By Susan Varley

A badger is reaching the end of his life, this book explores loss but especially how he is thought of by those who love him.

Goodbye Mog

By Judith Kerr

A book about loss and the celebration of a cat's life.

Mummy Laid an Egg

By Babette Cole

Expllanation of the facts of life in a light hearted cartoon style.

The Huge Bag of Worries

By Virginia Ironside

Excellent reading for encouraging children to share their worry.

Morris and The Bundle of Worries

By Jill Seeney

Badger story to help promote the idea of sharing worries

Suggested book for advice and an insight on behaviour

Honey I wrecked the kids - when yelling, screaming, threats, bribes, time outs, sticker charts and removing privileges all don't work

By Alyson Schafer

Lots of practical strategies and tips for everyday living challenges.